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Ban Nam Dee Homestay “Lanten Village” (ID: LT-HS-01)

Lanten People in Ban Nam Dee
Start-Finish: Luang Namtha
Duration: 1 night half day or 2 nights 1 day
Departure: 4:00 pm
Difficulty: Easy, suitable for families

Trip Overview
Experience the Lanten culture and tradition, Lanten Baci Ceremony, taste local meals, stay overnight with Lanten families, learn how to make paper from bamboo and participate in the day-to-day work of the family.

Day 1:
The program starts around 4:00 pm. Make your way by Tuk Tuk or bicycle (depending on your preference) to the village of Ban Nam Dee along a dirt road for about 6 km.  We stay overnight at a private home provided by thevillage. While waiting for dinner you may walk around the village, meet the people and learn about their tradition and culture.After breakfast the next morning you can participate in activities of the family. Depending on the season you can watch or take part: January-March: bamboo-paper-making, planting vegetables, sowing corn, dyeing clothes, weaving etc. April-May: go and learn how to grow rice on mountain-slopes etc. June-August: go and learn how to prepare the fields for wet rice, and to plant the seedlings. September: plant and care vegetable-gardens etc. October-November: go, watch or help to harvest the mountain- and the mountain-rice or corn etc. December-January: take part in house building and festivals or in collecting food.The tour will finish after a lunch with the family
somewhere in the field. We will return about 13:00.

Extension: The program can be extended to 2 nights (ID: LT-HS-02)
. After joining lunch with the family somewhere in the field, you can relax for 2 hours. Then you will join the family to collect vegetables and other kinds of food in the garden and in the forest for dinner. Once you have 

collected all ingredients, you will turn back to your house at around 5:00 pm where the family will prepare dinner. You can join and help. Most of the ingredients come from organic gardens, fields or the forest. After breakfast with the family the next morning, you will return to Luang Namtha town. (If you have any other plan to go somewhere else, please ask your guide to arrange it).

Tour details:
Trail Difficulty level: easy, suitable for families
Seasonality: All year round
Distance: 5 km from Luang Namtha
Duration: 1 night half day or 2 nights 1 day
Start time: 4 pm
End time: After lunch of next day or in the morning after the second night
Departure from: Phou Iu Travel and Ecotourism
Arrival at: Phou Iu Travel and Ecotourism
Transport: Tuk Tuk or Trek 4300 or 4400 mountain bike
Meals: Dinner, breakfast and picnic lunch
Activities: Participate in activities of the family depending on the season
Maximum group size: 8 people

Prices include:
  • Leader guide “English speaking tour guide” & Local guide “who knowledge traditional culture”
  • Covered transport “Local Tuk Tuk” or Mountain bike “By mountain bike, Trek 4300 or 4400 mountain bike”
  • Accommodation “Homestay” stay with family
  • Local Food depend on season
  • Homestay owner Service charge
  • Drinking water during the trip
  • Cultural performance, Lanten traditional Baci-ceremony
  • Participate in the day-to-day work of the family
  • Tour permit and provincial tax on net income
  • Tour service 
Bring a small backpack which should contain following items:
  • Shoes; a good pair of running shoes are perfect, or even better are the lightweight trekking boots.
  • 2 T-shirts (cotton), one short or long pant.
  • 2 pair of socks. Sandals, flip-flop (for the evening in village).
  • Towel (or sarong), swimming suits, toilet and personal effects.
  • Personal prescription drugs, contact lenses, glasses.
  • Sun-cream (waterproof), hat, sunglasses. Mosquito repellent.
  • 1 long sleeves sweater and pants, or jogging suits.
  • Small flashlight, camera and films.

Homestay: participants must be aware that there are no western-style toilets and washing facilities. Sleeping is on a bamboo floor, dormitory style. Sleeping bags, foam mats and mosquito nets are supplied.

Homestay itinerary is a basic guideline only and subject to change. All homestay are supervised by Luang Namtha Provincial of Information, Culture & Tourism Department (PICTD), Laos Community Based Tourism (Laos-CBT) & Phou Iu Travel-Eco-tours which means all areas are frequented by tourists.

Ban Nam Dee (Lanten Village)
Located far from Luang Namtha around 6 km, they are Lao Huay (Lanten) that still keeps their traditional culture and way of life and a good place to observe the progress of bamboo papermaking. Behind the village you will see the entrance to the Nam Dee Waterfall. The area around the waterfall offers good facilities, like a small handicraft shop managed by the villagers; toilets and a house for picnics, etc. now the village they organize home stay, you can stay 1 night or 2 nights get experience the Lanten culture and tradition, taste local meals, learn how to make paper from bamboo and participate in the day-to-day work of the family depending on the season you can watch or take part.

Mobile: +856-20-99 44 00 84, 22 39 01 95

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